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Our Canadian partners are companies which have advanced equipment or technology in fields such as transportation, energy and environment industry.

Among them are:
NDT Technologies Inc. is a leading supplier of automated non-destructive testing and measuring systems.
It designs, manufactures, installs and services custom made automated NDT  (Non-Destructive  Testing) systems utilizing Ultrasonics, Eddy Currents and Lasers.
NDT Technologies Inc. provides  Non-Destructive Testing for transportation industry (aviation, railway, automotive, and maritime), steel manufacturing and material properties monitoring including:
Composite materials for aerospace industries

Rails and rail wheel sets

Welded tubes

Seamless tubes

Solid bars & heavy plates
Proceco Ltd.
Proceco manufactures industrial aqueous parts washer, slurry blast parts cleaning machinery, parts surface treatment lines, and high-pressure water deburring systems for:


Railways & Transit

Heavy manufacturing and Overhaul


SBB supplies the global marketplace with Emergency Restoration Systems (ERS). The SBB ERS are ultra-light modular aluminum  structures (universal, for all terrain and for all weather conditions) for fast restoration of the damaged high voltage transmission lines. By using SBB ERS, the damaged electrical transmission towers can be replaced in just a few hours by creating a by-pass, and the power transmission will be resumed much faster than with the traditional methods. The systems have proven reliability and efficiency in 28 countries including Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Poland, Span, Slovenia, Turkey, Canada, USA, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, India, the Philippines, and Malaysia among others.

The SBB ERS towers can resist wind with speed more than 200 km/h, or ice with thickness of 40 mm with wind of 130km/h (for a tower of 80 m as example)

The towers are so versatile than they can be used for various applications such as:

Restoring power following a disaster (winter storms, flood, hurricane, war, etc…)

Conducting scheduled maintenance work on existing towers without major interruptions

 Building temporary line extensions or linking remote locations to the main grid (no civil engineering work required)

Serving quite a few other purposes (army, site surveillance, communication and telecom towers, meteorological towers in wind energy applications, etc…)
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