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Emergency Restoration Systems

The most reliable, fastest and proven solution for:

  • Restoration of the high voltage transmission and distribution lines or communication towers after disaster as winter storms, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes
  • Temporally towers during scheduled maintenance work on existing transmission lines and substations
  • Temporally towers for open-pit mining exploration or building temporary line extensions linking remote locations to the main grid (no civil engineering work required)
  • Temporally towers for public safety, site surveillance, critical communications in remote areas and meteorology towers for wind energy, etc



Technical Features

  • Modular aluminium design with: standard section length: 2.904m; weight: 135kg; (can be customized)
  • Foundation: Not required (base plate directly on ground)
  • Equipment and accessories can be installed anywhere (every 31 cm)
  • Anchors: Helix, Manta Ray, Rock Anchors and others…
  • Maximum Height: 120m +
  • Wind Speed Resistance: 240km/h +Same mast section
  • Same mast section can be used for 69kV up to 1000kV+



Our References

The SBB Energy Restoration Systems have been tested and proved their reliability in more than 50 countries around the world in different environment and whether conditions supporting the transmission lines in winter storms and severe icing, or during powerful tropical hurricanes