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Acier Profilé SBB Inc.


SBB supplies the global marketplace with Emergency Restoration Systems (ERS). The SBB ERS are ultra-light modular aluminum  structures (universal, for all terrain and for all weather conditions) for fast restoration of the damaged high voltage transmission lines. By using SBB ERS, the damaged electrical transmission towers can be replaced in just a few hours by creating a by-pass, and the power transmission will be resumed much faster than with the traditional methods.

The systems have proven reliability and efficiency in more than 50 countries including Sweden, Norway, France,Iceland, Poland, Span, Slovenia, Russia,Turkey, Canada, USA, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, India, the Philippines, Iraq and Malaysia among others. The SBB ERS towers can resist wind with speed more than 240 km/h, or ice with thickness of 40 mm with wind of 130km/h (for a tower of 80 m as example)

The towers are so versatile than they can be used for various applications such as:

  • Fast restoration of damaged high voltage transmission lines following a disaster (winter storm, flood, hurricane, war, etc…)
  • Conducting scheduled maintenance work on existing towers without major interruptions
  • Building temporary line extensions to the main grid
  • Other applications, such as meteorological towers for wind energy, army, site surveillance, telecommunication applications, etc…